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    The long-awaited fourth full-length album by the Moscow death metal band Grace Disgraced.

    20-page booklet of the highest quality, stunning paintings created by a mega-authentic artist from Russia - Alexey Virus. Includes lyrics and illustrations for each track.
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Wonder! Breakthrough! Eternal life Has become possible For humans Thanks to modern Biotechnologies! Flashy headlights The news spread fast People exult, Not aware of The secret recipe! The price is high - Monthly tons of Freshest human blood And some timely transplantations! Gain enough blood and you never expire - What could be the aftermaths? That is a hail to the myths of vampires - World would turn into bloodbath. Victims will be after all, Is there a human way? Who will control Feed and overpopulation? The planet is so small To bear us all! Imagine the ancient legend - What if we lived forever? No! Never! Populace Will have the access To that bloody biotechnology. Time to share the spheres of influence! Future is real! Blood is like fuel! Immortals should become The ruling elite - Cement-fixed monolith! All the others Should be donors, Fed with promises For the sake of saving the world!
The world’s currency is blood And the rate is high! In the Neon Megapolis busy days go by! Pumping rhythms buzz in the ear - Overwhelming tone. I come home exsanguinated, Putting my headset on! All we are well-fed lambs! All we got is VR! Neon lights in the nights, Full of temptations and sacrifice! Pedaling through the nights, Giving blood through the days! Caressing my own dream To become immortal myself someday! Hope that I will pass the test And pay all the debts, My heartbeat is getting slower - Being among the best! Reaching all the KPIs, Meeting all deadlines. I’ve got a right for mistake - Nine attempts to die! I dream that someday I become one of THEM, I become free from all the bloody taxes. So now I pay, and I play, and I play Virtual life is where my conscious lives now! It feels like a game, Feels like a chain, Digital chains On my throat! Feels like a pill Killing the pain! Who is to blame, When I reload? Is that real - All that I feel? Interlaced - The wires and the veins! But I play And I pay, When it costs The last drop of my blood!
Achieving 07:02
Cunny emptiness, But there is a way each should go. Illusion or not: each has his destination For sufferings and lavish reward. Achieving Immortality In virtual reality. The vicsera's replaced by Synthetic parts for extra lives. Achieving Immortality In virtual reality. The cost is high - your healthy eye, But you still got an extra life! And what is left offline? Donation! What is left offline? Experiment! Fines and taxes - transplantations, Then - long rehabilitations. The insurance takes control, Then you have another round. But someday you realize - You're like a ghost, will to fight is lost. Just need your lemonade and your evening show,  Pay for more, though the pressure's low... Strict laws - heavy punishment! Virtual loans - flesh reimbursement! Oh, comе on! If you die this time - You still have got some extra lives.
They who live in Emerald Valleys, In the real world, those who reign. They are smart, they are superhuman, Don’t they have the empathy? Oh, the greatness of soul - Stifled - to continue to live! When the physical limits are overcome - The instinct of power is left. If failure is not an option, Then what is success? Are we users or victims of the progress? Arrh! The Survival of the Immortals is the world science. When you dream of eternity, they dream of demise! I Look at the sunset in the real world! The VR’s just for the bloody bots. I’m not afraid of losing someone, Just need new blood in my reality, I’m FOREVER alone! No love in immortality! I looked for eternal bliss, Not this eternal struggle, what a miss! But I won’t get off this needle. Fear and sloth, I’m stuck in the middle! Oh! The greatness of… All excitement is gone, Wine can cheer me no more! It’s all been done for a long time, The empty cup is the soul of mine!
The collectors are here, Could this really happen to me? The real end. Stop to dream, stop to pretend! And behold the DEATH! Kidneys, that I donated, Seem to stop regenerating, Cause the taxes aren’t paid, And I’m going to die ninth time! Won’t resurrect! Gonna be swept Out of this frail world! Point of perception - what important lessons I have been taught. Wasted dreams, wasted life, Reaching goals and being nice. Littered mind And the beauty of emerald skies unseen! Pleasurable sins, Contrived fails and wins. Bloody dairy cow In its bond of illusions and debts and thoughts disallowed! In the end! Close your eyes! You don’t belong to yourself; Eternal night, Motherboard singing you final lullaby. Спит коровка, спит бычок, Волк кусает за бочок! Спи, кровинка, на краю, Баю-баюшки-боюсь! When the ninth life is lost - No more fear and no remorse, No more likes and no reposts. Mother, where have you been? Only nothingness to see, Only nowhere is to be! Welcome to eternity! You have paid the cost! Age of homo digitalis, Still infelix, still mortalis. When we suffer we’re alive! When we’re dead - no cause to cry!
Cyberghosts 06:11
When all lives are lost, They become cyberghosts! Virtual cemetery - Pay for it - nothing‘s for free. Current noise bursts the dawn, They need your brains on the endless loan. Scavengers distributed your body to canned meat, Neuronet will absorb your avatar and digest the footprint. They lose control of their mind, They cannot think, just agonize! When all lives are lost - They become… Those dead souls in Cyberspace Are howling so loud - That faded grace, They don’t think about. Digital shadows are ghosts Of their dreams of Immortality! Mortuaries are the base For the finest Virtual Reality updates. Living dead and dead souls - All are mixed in that bloody Cybernetic world! Those dead souls in Cyberspace Are howling so loud - That faded grace, They don’t think about. Digital shadows are ghosts Of their dreams of Immortality!
Die from your natural death - suicide! Death will always be by your side! You crave her conception in the night, Choose the way for your heart and your mind! I pretend that I bear devil’s mark. It helps me not to fear the dark. Be careful, it waits, It wanna have you! Don’t be a looser, Just lurk! Read your rules aloud To the darkness around, Just have the death The way you like! Prepare yourself to suicide, It’ll be a marriage with death as a bride. It must be wonderful, trying to die. Feel the taste of your freedom so wild! Nobody wants you, just your lovely bride! You can feel her sense with the great delight You’re cadaver! There’s no light in eyes, Yes, you’ve died! Happiness is more than you can ever dream. In this rugged life we ain’t by our own will In the moment of death you won’t feel the pain, ‘cause you’re slain! I’m hungry for blood, Crawling in this mud, Growling so load! From my birth grows my cut! We deceive ourselves again: Only we in this world reign, We’re immortal, can’t be killed, And with joys our life is filled! But forever nothing lasts - All goes down to the dust! People stand by the will to see next morning light, Even in my soul the last hope hasn’t yet died, But forestall your doom while you’re happy quite - Die from your natural death - suicide!


Grace Disgraced fourth album Immortech will be released on June 30th, 2020 on Moscow well-established label Metalism Records. This powerful set consisted of 7 long pieces again (and yes, every one Grace Disgraced album had 7 tracks on it), from five to eight minutes each. Immortech immaculately produced by Arkady Navaho, and it sounded like technical death metal should sound these days in all senses of the term. And Grace Disgraced now can rise the flag of supergroup – bass parts on recordings supplied by no one other than well-known Metal Priest of Bestial Invasion and Violent Omen fame.

You can even call Immortech a concept album – every track is written about problems of connections between modern real world and virtual ones as well as immortality of the ruling elite. Band’s musicians even dare to call Immortech “a kind of metal opera, just like some Queensrÿche or Dream Theater’s bodies of work” – but made modern technical death metal way, of course. Moreover, there’s striking cover design of Alexey “Virus” Samusenko, originally made in oil on canvas technique, which shown dystopian/sci-fi concept of Immortech perfectly.


released June 30, 2020

Polina Berezko - Vocals

Aleksandr Klaptsov - Guitars

Metal Priest - Bass

Andrey Ischenko - Drums

Lyrics and concept by Polina Berezko
Music by Aleksandr Klaptsov and Grace Disgraced
Recorded at Navaho Studio, Moscow, Russia
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Arkadiy Navaho
Produced and arranged by Aleksandr Klaptsov and Arkadiy Navaho
Special guest on "To Live Forever" Sofia Raykova (Tantal)

Artwork and illustrations by Alexey Virus/Erothanatoguru Art

Photography by Rita Fevraleva

Design, layout and graphics by Alena Luchneva


all rights reserved



Grace Disgraced Moscow, Russia

Moscow metal band playing extreme music with influences of classic old school death metal.

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