Lasting Afterdeaths

by Grace Disgraced

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Stars, they beckon so much, Celestial bodies which died (ages ago). But we still see their light From the earth, Spellbound. Cosmic calling!!!! First steps are cruel, the flight is short, The landing’s hard – first crucial faults. Human space marine, Sacrifice him For knowledge, for progress! And Another star falls Another legend unfolds, And more demanding goals For knowledge, for progress. Fates of the pathfinders – “Something went wrong” They left the cradle of mind To find their grave among the stars, Their cherished dreams were ruined at once! Glory on a high price! Death ‘s just a start!.. Months of training on the shock-table, Centrifuge and altitude chamber Risk of cosmic radiation Overload and zero-gravity! It’s hot in ship – the hellish stove, 17 circles around the earth Animal astronaut – They never asked its thoughts Of knowledge and progress And Another star falls Another legend unfolds, And more demanding goals For knowledge, for progress. Cold kiss of cruel space Lonely dog in the delirious machine. It’ll never, never come back, Lost in the shattered pieces of spaceship.
Endless maelstrom of dark fantasies Come, disrupting all my mental peace. Filling like a shot my void With the thoughts of Unavoidable. Seems that I’m still just a child Of the generations gone That the limits of my time Shouldn’t pass like empty drone Childhood is the merry prime Take a chance if you were born. I pretend lying in a grave Maggots gnawing round my bones. I imagine non-existence and the cold. I imagine my inanimate remains And these images are my tether. It seems that all my life is preparation for this state Which will last forever. The childhood of the dead - That’s the circumstance And the life I drag Is the consequence Of my future death Different sequences Of the things I have, Muttered sentences- Should I burn in hell? Hidden senses Of the dreams dark red Daring challenges, Now or never steps. It is like a time machine Has just launched its paradox Changes come with the cognition Of my future endless Nox. Remember The Unavoidable! In the land of immortals Everything would be Much less valuable. All sepultures bear the engraving MEMENTO MORI Squeeze the picture of your grave During your time journey. As the childhood is illusion of formation, Death is still illusion of reincarnation. Vanity, reality, regalia and glam. Are you prepared for your main exam?
Sweat is covering your eyes, It’s so hard to keep the pace for so long, Beneath is the earth, above is the sky – That is everything you know. Another day, another race, As pale as death perpetual ranger You feel so good in your cramped seat, A man is truly brave When he could realize the danger, Cause bravery is not the absence of fear. You try to find a shelter In the chaos of movement. Death is only matter Why your way’s so grooved. The road to nowhere You step on it to go further. The sense has gone, the race is left, Because you drive to escape from yourself! Can you hear around the rustling leaves? Can you see the sideways’ flashing trees? No, you’re concentrated on your goal You don’t care about your life and all. Should have more contacts with mortally ill, Cause they could teach you the skill to feel! The value of life – The core, but not yours. You think you can fly – Prepare for the worst! No right for stepping on a brake, Wheels demonical spin! And for the pleasure Of somebody passing Picturesque wreckage Of machines so massive! Scorched limbs and bodies in fire – Vivid tragedies on the highway! The disabled fates In the time of peace, No one else to blame – Stupid carelessness When it is too late You can’t accept the blame, The killer by chance, The driver insane! No right for stepping on a brake, Wheels demonical spin! What’s the point ? Point “a” and then Point “a” again!? Your circle’s lapped in the despair of emptiness, The feelings and the joys are so unsteady. And just the engine’s burning, are you ready? To drive so fast? The only tree you could probably see Is the one flying right to the windshield. Your circle’s lapped in the despair of emptiness, The feelings and the joys are so unsteady. And just the engine’s burning, ready? You need to drive so fast. Sign on the roadside (Between the trees) And disconsolate cry (Fucking tears) – That’s what you’ll leave behind (after this).
The Mute 07:10
Silence comes always with your grief. The world’s gravity on your shoulders. Born dumb disbelief Behind your door. Don’t let me inside I really tried To be your friend in grief, To give you what you need But sighs are all I hear. Lips don’t move here The mute’s driving me mad, Tell me what’s wrong – I’ll do my best. You make me always wonder why Why? You don’t tell me the truth. What’s behind it? Why are you so deathly mute? Words turned up just nothing Tense emptiness’ surrounding Mournful morning It brings the news That you’re no longer alive By your own will This precious life I also lose. Appalled Is not the word. I cannot describe what I feel – Explosive cocktail of pity and guilt. Was I the source of the poison you took? Or was I a nonentity impotent to save you? Why? You won’t tell me the truth. Why you did it. Why you sacrificed your youth Silence will tell me nothing Tense emptiness surrounding Forever grave will be your seal. The secret will never be revealed. Took every word that on lips remains Burying the dreams of my happiness. Bits of information Try to reconstruct your appearance, Try to analyze what didn’t want to say. Say, say it to me! Lonely home, extremely cold I hear your whisper after all It’s too late, I cannot sleep Please stop speaking, I beg you, please I tried to listen, but I couldn’t recognize a word, I heard your voice, but nothing that you told.
Effigy of monarch, The keeper of the secrets, The intrigues of the reigns! Lust for the kill, Kill for the pride! That’s power of the reigns, The other heirs should die! Black widow marrying brother To keep her life and throne, The solemn duty is to rule, That’s monarchy, that’s all! Open the book of your memories: Pages are smeared with mud, - You followed the path of betrayal , Your history’s written in blood! You’ve never before gone so far, The history’s written in blood, The untamed monarch who’ve never heard of a sin, Who is equal to God. Taking the crown was the curse for the people As well as for the crowned. But you cannot escape your dynasty destiny – History written in blood! What has changed since then? The techniques of killing were renewed and modified. Methods of political combat Became more sophisticated and scientifically justified. The civilization gave no confidence In the future frantic dance Pawns in the game - They believe and they build barricades. You’re just a young man, ready to fight, Exposing your chest to the bullets with no fear For a false but heroic idea, Just from the first sight. Playing a trick with the misery And lives of the innocent crowd, You wanna be part of the history, History written in blood. You’ve never before gone so far, The history’s written in blood, You followed the call of brainwashers Who led you to death from the start. You cannot resist your beasty nature, The voice from your heart You wanna be part of the history, You wanna be part of the history!!!.. Rivers of blood will be the borders of new states Pathos of crowds and single tragedies of fates. Tissue of lives will dent forthcoming ages Myriads die, but on the whole, nothing changes! Pestilence will fill with sage The dirty crematory. That’s how appears a new page In the textbook of history!
Cold captivity of slush. Desolate wilderness of snow. First your face blushes When it’s clear that’s a trap! You must now take off your clothes, Wake up! Get into the cold Outside! Barefoot on the ice crust Now you try to run, how fast? Freezing realm is deadly vast, But you try to run, how far? Barefooted on the crust With the one you shouldn’t trust. From the horrible beast In the mountain mist To hide and build a fire, But all the sorry efforts of the desperate were in vain. Fingertips got frozen – Sooner than they realized the pain. Deadly race was over – Broken ribs with no external damage will remain. In the art of mutilation Lies the guarantee for the strongest That they’ll get whatever they need Or are ordered to get. The cold conceals the violation And you’ll never gather the bones back to the feet. Out of breath you fall to snow, Don’t give up, you try to crawl, Try to fight, the moves are slow – Well-equipped ‘s your dreadful foe. Sometimes world is so unjust And the agony will last! What’s the use of your fist In the mountain mist? You’ll see in nightmares my frozen skull Velvet of snow melts in my lungs, Spy games in ferocious frost, Ice on the cheeks instead of teardrops. Nuclear supremacy – isn’t it the real cause Of the 9 ruined lives of the young? Virgins are sacrificed To the gods of exposure; But the riddles will hide Under the veil Which blocks any way For the leakage of information. Flashes in the sky – Scary fairytales – all it’s just a lie. Cold throws no light On the reason why. Awkward secret files. These are only versions, Truth prefers to hide.
My sister went to the woods She never came back and was found torn to pieces by the wolf. I swore to take revenge for her And for the others lacerated there before. The region was by terror gripped No one to trust or to believe Those who’d come to help Ravaged the land Despite snares and catchers The beast stayed outrageous. Hear, feel Terror that makes the demons run Hear, feel What hide the woods of Gevaudan! And came the day it went for me I fainted away, but I remembered its eyes My sister, I ask you to forgive I’m in no force to take revenge for you and those who died. It was rumored that the beast was killed But atrocities never stopped. They just weren’t proclaimed, stayed unrevealed. Gevaudan was just forgotten by the world! Suddenly everything came to its end When my neighbor rather restrained Shot the beast and now they say It was the brute he himself had tamed.


Lasting Afterdeaths - the third LP album by Moscow band Grace Disgraced.

While Grace Disgraced flood these songs with death metal brutality, using an arsenal of morbid riffs and skull-cleaving rhythms along with Polina Berezko’s vocal ferocity, Lasting Afterdeaths leaves most brutal death metal albums in the dust because of the inventiveness and complexity of the instrumental performances and the unbridled dynamism of the song-writing.

In an album loaded with surprises around every hair-pin turn, the band also lace the music with melodic sections that glide like flowing water or drift like spectral haze, and they just as readily veer off into head-swirling instrumental excursions that have an almost jazz-influenced sense of improvisation, though the band is so tightly integrated and machine-precise in what they’re doing that the music never seems chaotic, even at its most electrifying.

The accompanying illustrations includes separate eye-catching artwork for each song, as well as gatefold cover art, by Velio Josto.


released June 24, 2016

Polina Berezko - Vocal
Aleksandr Klaptsov - Guitars
Pavel Semin - Bass
Andrey Ischenko - Drums

Music by Aleksandr Klaptsov and Grace Disgraced
Recorded in July – September 2015 at Navahohut Studio (Moscow, Russia).
Mixed and mastered by Arkadiy Navaho
Produced and arrangement by Aleksandr Klaptsov
Cover art and layout by Velio Josto


all rights reserved



Grace Disgraced Moscow, Russia

Moscow metal band playing extreme music with influences of classic old school death metal.

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